Our Team

Our Team 1Ashok Adhikari, Managing Director

Ashok Adhikari, The Managing Director has been in Tourism field now for more than 12 years. He was once a professional licenced trekking and climbing guide in Himalayan mountain range Nepal. His super adventure expedition was when he had succesfully did the Climbing Mount Everest Region at  6,500 mdpl and other great experience in big number of trekkings and Himalaya Nepal Expedition and Tours in other regions in Nepal. After  finishing his Master’s Degree Holder, he worked in many fields related to trekking & tourism business In Nepal, Indonesia and in other countries. As the Managing Director, Ashok is responsible for many aspects of the company business. He has excellent visionary leadership and ability for effective tour & tourism management.

He constantly comes up with New Innovations and breakthourhg on how to provide the best service to all our customers & he also deals & handle all the schedule of our guests. With his very strong spirit and experiences for years, Ashok  always comes up with brilliant thoughts and ideas to bring our business into global experience to provide  excellent services to our Custmers which have also been of his key strength to develop and execute the company business strategies and to implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate our tour and travel services achievement.

Our Team 2Lina Tarigan, Business Development Director

Lina Tarigan has started her career in Tour & Expedition in Indonesia and other overseas countries for more than 8 years. She has great experiences in trekking, climbing mountains, scuba diving and other overland tour either in Indonesia and in many countries. Her active and strong spirit as well as her capabality in building networking worldwide has brought here to strenghten our Company Tour & Travel to its best achievement. As Business Bevelopment Director, she leads sales and client-relationship management, tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships, writes proposals and plans, and guides long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements of the tour world for the benefit of company.

Our Team 3Vitha Kamami, Operations Finance Manager

Vitha Kamami is a Graduate of Business Management Strata 1 of Pawyatan Daha University – Kediri East Java Indonesia. She dedicated her more than 10 year dedication to work at one of Indonesia National Bank ini Jakarta. Now, whe is strengthening our Company with her Sufficient Financial and Accounting Skill Management in our Team. Her main responsibility is manage all financial issues and ensure that  financial operational activities are executed and delivered as per the standards set by the company.

Our Team 4M. Farid Agustama, Regional Marketing Manager

Farid Agustma is a young fresh graduate of Master Degree at International Relations University in Jember East Java Indonesia. His theoretical study on Inter Personal Skill and Marketing as well as his broad networking with domestic and overseas people around the world which have brought him give his best contribution to our company to grow more Clients. He is very smart and tactical in thinking so he always creates innovation and strategy for the growth of this tour company. Farid is responsible for Travel promotion around Asian Countries.

Our Team 5M. Feizal Agustiansyah, Regional Marketing Manager

Feizal is a young newly graduated his college at University of Jember East Java Indonesia from International Relations Faculty. He is very diligent in Organising & building networking with people around the world. His Marketing Strategy & Idea is bringing this company into its best travel agent worldwide. Feizal is taking responsibility for Europe and Non Asian countries Marketing.

Our Team 6Santosh Timalsina, The Trekking Guide Leader

Santosh Timalsina is  a young, energetic trained & licensed trekking guide authorized by the government of Nepal since 2010 AD & has been serving all the guests very pleasantly. He has been to numerous trekking trips in regions like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, kanchanjunga etc. Other than Nepali, he is fluent in speaking English & hindi. Santosh is very knowledgeable about trekking & mountaineering as he has been working & serving guests now for more than 7 years. Just like our any other trekking & mountaineering guides, he is also a trained guide who has received full training in trekking & mountaineering guide. Santoshalso has some stunning experience in trekking local, remote areas of Mountain regions.

Our Team 7Kurniawati Rachel, Area Business Manager – Raja Ampat West Papua

Kurniawati Rachel is one of our Professional Business Manager who is in charge of conducting and managing promotional tour activities in the area of Raja Ampat West Papua Indonesia. She has lots of professional experiences in tour and tourism in West Papua Region. She has brought our company vision and mission in tour business by developing tactical tour business strategy plan to its best. She has most friendly and very good Inter personal communication skill with our clients and bring our tour in Raja Ampat most enjoyable.

Our Team 8I Jero Kadex Sugiarta, Area Business Manager – Bali

I Jero Kadex Sugiarta, is also called ‘Dek Happy’ is our talented Area Business Manager for Bali Area Indonesia. He is assisting the Company goal in developing business management, designing and implementing business plan & strategies and promote Bali Area for tourists. Originally coming from Bali, He is very capable and knowledgeable about Bali History, Culture and other social life in this area which can attract more our clients to enjoy tour with our Company under his management/supervision. He has very friendly personality & good communication and interpersonal ability  and has proven experience as area business manager in handling tourism.

Our Team 9Raju Simkhada, The Trekking Guide

Raju Simkhada is one of the best trekking guide that we have. He is a very talented & Knowledgeable guide at his 30’s who has been serving as a trekking guide now for more than 10 years. Because of the long experience that he has had in this field, Raju Simkhada is a very trustworthy, friendly & knowledgeable guide who have a great knowledge about different parts of Nepal. Raju Simkhada is expert in trekking destinations like; Everest, Annapurna, Makalu, Kanchanjunga etc. Raju Simkhada is very fluent in english & his friendly nature has always been a plus point for him as our guests feels very much comfortable around him. He is fully authorized & ensured guide by government of Nepal who is fully trained for all the emergency situations during trek.

Our Team 10Varat Nyaupane, The Trekking Guide

Varat Nyaupane is a respected, thoughtful & talented Trekking Guide of our company. He is in this field now for more than 10 years. Varat’s passion for mountaineering & expedition has led him to some of the most sacred places of Nepal. Having more than 10 years of experience in trekking & mountaineering field, he is very well known to all the Himalayas including Mt. Everest, Mt. Pumori, Mt. Shisha Pangma, Mt. Makalu, Lhotse, Ama Damblam etc. He is expert in this field & is very knowledgeable about all the trails, culture & lifestyle of mountain regions. He completed his trekking & mountaineering guide training long time ago & has been serving our guests passionately since then.Bharat  is avery talented guide who is more than capable of making your tour an unforgetable experience.

Our Team 11Suresh Thapa, The Trekking Guide

Suresh comes is our Licenced Guide from the beautiful village of khumjung that lies in Khumbu region. He is a very active & diligent in trekking activities. He is fully dedicated and has great responsibility of looking after traveller and crew during the trekking. He is great in organising the trekking and make sure that the trekking with clients are under safety & healthy condition. He has wide knowledge and years of experience of handling clients from all over the world who come for either trekking or tour in Nepal.

Our Team 12

Ram Dorji Tamang, Managing Director – Bhutan Tour

Ram Dorji Tamang is the Managing Director of Book Bhutan Tour, our Co-Partner in Bhutan Tour. He has worked for German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (HSI), and the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) in Bhutan; it gave me vast experience in office management, logistics, and guiding. He has accompanied trekkers on all trekking routes of Bhutan, from the high Himalayas to lower altitude sub-tropical zones and has also traveled to many European and South East Asia countries which back me up with global knowledge. Graduating from Advanced Management at Kesetsart University Thailand in 2007, ram enjoys every tour as a new and unique experience. Basic knowledge of flora & fauna identification, bird watching, and textiles, as well as a sound knowledge of religious sites and adventure travel in Bhutan, turns every journey into something new, something fascinating. He is very happy to welcome you to Beautiful Bhutan Country,